The Year is Almost Over

"Today is the beginning of the last week of the year. Humanity has felt, in a general way, a greater speed in events, in life in general. The time has accelerated. This is a truth. The days are shorter and the sensation is common, that time is flying. This is also part of the planetary transition, especially when it comes to DNA changes. And not only of the human race, but of the planet as well. The DNA of the earth is changing for the better.

In this transition many will stay, but also many people will need to leave due to incompatibility. No one will be left behind, as you say. Everyone will stay where they are vibrating in tune. Our Creator would not leave a single child unattended, but those awake will go to the New Earth.

This week, being the last of the year, is a time used for reflection, pondering what was accomplished during the year. It is beneficial and necessary in that we learn, or rather, can learn from it. Not to focus only on what didn’t work, but to realize what we learned from what happened, where we can improve… but not to punish or blame ourselves for the mistakes. To err is inherent to the divine spark. Everyone is in the process of evolution, and so, making mistakes is inherent to this process.

A reflection without victimization is the best gift you can give yourself. Look at yourself with generosity and also kindness, you are learning and shouldn’t beat yourself up over what didn’t work. Likewise, recognize the successes with joy, without falling into the ego trap of feeling better than others. You are all in the same boat, as you say.

I want to “pour” here my energies of love and healing for those who can/want to receive.

Much love in your hearts."

Zanah. (channeled by Monica)