Self Knowledge

Today is my first day off after the intense week I had while attending the Science & Spirituality Worldwide Conference. Needless to say, it was a journey deep within myself. To be able to focus on that essential part of myself: the wiser, more enlightened and intuitive, was a great gift. Only then does it allow us to wake us up from this paralyzing sleep that is imposed on us, and that awakening brings meaning to life.

Seven days were spent expanding knowledge, deepening concepts, breaking paradigms and perfecting different techniques for working with the biofield. Heaven on earth!

With my head fermenting new ideas and digesting everything I learned, I remembered someone, who was special in his tranquility and with that careful way to look at the human being. “Seu Paulo” was one of the advisers at the Spiritist Center where I started my studies of the spiritual doctrine of Alan Kardec.

Once, perhaps noticing the thirst for knowledge that always moved me, he gave me a very valuable gift. I would never forget when he said, “knowledge frees you”.

And it was then that I decided to go deeper into the study of what was making enormous sense in my life. And there goes more than 20 years …

Today, with all the baggage acquired in this bunch of years, I perfected what “Seu Paulo” sweetly shared with me. I do believe that knowledge frees, without a doubt. But what brings freedom to the human being is self-knowledge.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” Helen Keller

Self-knowledge, liberating in its essence, demands enormous courage to face the often tortuous path of knowing who you are in your entirety.

It is not just about leaving the comfort zone (which is often uncomfortable) or thinking outside the box. It is about taking a deep dive into your essence.

It is not to run in fear when you encounter your shadow (yes, we all have the light side and the shadow side), but embrace it as part of you. Recognizing our shadow, makes easier to acknowledge it and diminish both its importance as well as its dynamics.

This dive into the unknown can sound scary, a Herculean challenge. I can say with certainty that it is not a bed of roses. But as you take that dive inside of yourself, tuning in with your true self, everything changes places.

Life takes on different colors and flavors. Synchronicity becomes an assiduous companion. The blindfold comes off of the eyes. You see things brighter.

The heart then beats in tune with the Universe. And that, that is what you came to do on this planet, in this existence.

Light and Love,