Yay, It's Bedtime!!

 So, now that you have some idea of ​​how to prepare (energy wise) a nice day, we can talk about how to end it.

Throughout the rest of your day, we will approach over time with techniques and tips for you to strengthen yourself and always keep yourself in the vibration of love.

A little meditation before bed is always welcome. Just as you prepare your body for a sound sleep, washing your face, putting the pajamas on, brushing your teeth, etc., it is important that you prepare your mind as well.

The breathing technique (last post) works here too. Put an intention together, or a prayer, if you prefer. But what I believe to be the most important thing is to be grateful.  Because if, at the end of a super busy day, you can only reserve a few moments, being thankful for the day you had goes a long way.


This is where the gratitude journaling comes in. This is a very powerful tool to aid a well-being state. Scientific research has clearly demonstrated the multiple benefits of such a practice. Reduction of stress, improvement of mood, increase in the quality of sleep and consequently the reduction of the level of inflammation in the body, are among them.

Start the gratitude journaling process by thinking of three to five things that happened during the day that you are grateful for. Then write them in a notebook that you keep for this purpose. When you stop and scrutinize your day in order to find all the positive things you are thankful for, your focus moves away from the toxic emotions and the difficulties you encountered this day. This increases your sense of appreciation for the things and people you have around you.

In a very difficult phase that I went through, some days boiled down to very simple things: a glass of refreshing water, opening the window and seeing the sun shining, a smile from a stranger. When I started to improve, the flow of more complex good things increased, but I was nevertheless grateful for the little things that contributed to my day.

The benefits of the gratitude journaling take time to appear. I’ve always heard that it takes 21 days of practice for an effective change of habit to occur. In the case at hand, scientists noted that four weeks are necessary to realize the benefits of practicing gratitude and 12 weeks for a good improvement.

The good news is that the positive effects can last up to six months after the end of the practice. But why stop doing something so simple that brings so many benefits to physical and mental health?

Take your pen and notebook, and perhaps, leave them by the bed to make it easier.  Voilà – let’s be grateful for the countless blessings we receive every day. And for life itself, for being so amazing!

Love & light,