Starting a Happy Day

In my last post, I stressed the importance of maintaining a more positive mood, since the current situation has generated a lot of stress. We are surrounded by this atmosphere of fear and thus, feeling the discomfort (in its various forms) arising from this paralyzing vibration.

We can start with small things. Simple acts incorporated into daily life, which can help us to keep our biofield vibrating more positively and, thus, to continue with more balance in our lives.

Over time we can (and should for our own personal growth), add and put into practice small attitudes that can help us to become more connected with our bigger self. You know, that part of us that is smarter, more knowledgeable, more connected to the Creative Source?

Yes, it’s there for us. Just needing our openness to be more active in our lives. Raising our vibratory pattern, opening the door to our conscious evolution.

Our day is the result of the energy we put into it, so the importance of retiring for a few moments and thinking about good things.

Breath deeply 3 times

When you wake up, before even looking at your cell phone, sit on the edge of the bed, take a deep breath three times. The ideal is that this breath is more paused than normal, how about trying to inhale as long as five and exhale doing the same. Repeat three times. This breath alone helps to change the vibratory field around the body. It calms you down, takes you to a state of tranquility, where you feel safe.

Think about what you need to do for the day. Imagine the meeting with the boss running in harmony, reaching a good resolution for any outstanding problem. Visualize yourself smiling, serene, happy, full, surrounded by harmony in the different environments that will pass this day.

End your visualization by placing yourself in a transparent, golden bubble, which only allows the energy of love to come and go.

Thank the Universe, Life, the Creative Source, God, your Protective Angel, whoever you feel comfortable with, authorizing interference in your day for the greater good.

This exercise is a powerful tool to feed your positive energy, ward off negativity and emphasize your connection to the Universe.

Ideally, during your day, at any sign of an interference that may cause you to become unbalanced, repeat your breathing exercise. This can be done several times a day. It will help you to recover, re-balance and return to your natural vibration of energy of light and love.

Start practicing and if you want to share, leave something written in the comments. If you want to keep a diary, even better, it can be a nice tool for you to notice changes in your behavior and on those around you.

Love and light,