It's in the Air

 Felling stressed? Sad? Slightly grumpy?? Fearful? Wondering what is happening with you?

There is not really wrong with you. You’re are just tuning in this weird vibe in the air…

Most definitely!

Fear is one of those natural things that exists to prevent us causing any damage to ourselves. It helps us to take precautionary  measures and thus preserve our physical integrity. In some people it is slightly exacerbated and can prevent them from living life fully. In very extreme cases, it is strongly advised that you look for help among medical specialists.

This is in “normal” time. Not post pandemic time.

Today we are all still a bit scared about the danger of the disease, as it is novelty and no one really knows how it operates. Add to this, the uncertainty about the future with the most certain recession that the world is getting into.

We are beings of light.  We are all made of the same particles that are found in everything in this world: water, air, plants, animals, bricks… you name it. The difference is only a matter of the velocity of spinning.  This volatile tiny microscopic thing reverberates in this enormous field affecting the things that have the same particles: you, me and everything else. This is just a very simplistic way to describe through the prism of the quantum physics, why you might be feeling more stressed and fearful since the pandemic started.

As energetic beings we can interfere with the energetic field around us. The atmosphere is filled with our thoughts, however in times like this, they might not be always very positive. You can wake up felling great and unbeatable, but you might find quite difficult to keep it going in this lovely vibe throughout the day.

Here I will try to do simple things that might help us through this unusual times. It is of a paramount importance that you keep willing to stay in the positive. This alone can help a lot the process. Being in this lovely, bright, colorful bubble will help you to keep going, you will be able to function in a more balanced way, keeping yourself happier and as a rippled effect, the ones around you.

I will keep bringing ideas to keep us going through these quite challenging times. Keeping always in mind that challenges represents great chances of growing…